Old or snob?

Our local grocery store has been closed for reconstruction since April 28th. I can’t even begin to explain how frustrating this has been, or how excited I am that they are opening again TOMORROW. (Look, we don’t have a car, and the second closest store is a 10 min bike ride away. Have you ever tried doing weekly shopping by bike? I have…)

While they were closed, we still needed some things, so I buckled up and faced Lidl. Several of my colleagues have been promoting them heavily, so I thought I’d give them a fair chance.

So… Nope. Look, I don’t care how cheap their vegetables are (and let’s not get started on the meat, like I’d ever eat that antibiotic-heavy German stuff?), but it looks like an outlet warehouse. The lines are super long and the tiny space for groceries after the cashier forces you to IMMEDIATELY pack the stuff up. I dislike shopping for groceries already, and if I had to do it at Lidl I’d start hating it.

Give me back my overpriced Albert Heijn store, thank you very much.

And yes, I know I’m in a privileged position where I can choose. All frustration and pain is relative, I guess?

3 thoughts on “Old or snob?”

  1. Obvs can relate so much. I also hate Lidl. I just do not get it, at all. I shop at all the stores around here, but not Lidl. Not even on the list.

    As for weekly shopping, yea, I gave that up when I had no car because it’s just not doable (20 minutes uphill from store, and half of the time winter? Like no, I’m not carrying grocieries for an entire week under those circumstances). And now that I have a car…I still prefer to spread my shopping out rather than trying to figure out all the things I need for the week and get them all at once. I forget why people were promoting doing weekly shopping, as opposed to going several times a week.

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