Dragons and shit

My best friend growing up loved fantasy, which she then also tried to get me to read. Halfway into my first David Eddings’ book, I was already certain that it was not for me. I was like 11 and I don’t even remember which book it was, but that I went like “…dragons? seriously?” and stopped. Then, a few years later (2-3?), one of my uncles suggested I should read The Fellowship of the Ring. Now, I don’t enjoy scary things, and it was even worse back then… so let’s just say I didn’t finish that one either.

So, with these two incidents in mind, I went the next 15 (ish) years firmly saying that “I read everything but fantasy”. My old librarian crush had suggested Game of Thrones in 2005, but I was like “meh”. Until my brother in law looked at me seriously (in 2012! I’m slow, ok) and said I really should give it a try. I did, and realized that fantasy doesn’t have to be bad. It’s still not the genre I read most from, but at least it’s there. Despite the dragons and shit.

Then earlier this year, I saw a woman in the train who read a good-looking book. And since this is how I roll, I googled the book, and found this:


Obviously the next step was to order and read the little brick (1200 pages). And MAN. I mean I enjoyed GoT, for sure, but this stuff’s just my jam (I’m sorry, I swear I’ll never say that again, it’s from here). There aren’t any dragons in it (plus points), but weird magicky stuff, lots of complicated story lines that weave together, fighting (meh) and intrigues. Sadly only the first 2 parts (part 2 – 1400 pages) are out, so now it’s back to playing the waiting game. Let’s hope Brandon Sanderson is worse at that game than George RR Martin.

So. Any more fantasy recommendations?


3 thoughts on “Dragons and shit

      1. I’m reading one of her books, “Fool’s assassin” now, her books are quite the light read, i enjoy them a lot 🙂


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