Feminist Friday

There’s a cover of Taylor Swift’s “Blank Space” done by Imagine Dragons on Spotify. It’s from a live session, and it starts off with someone in the band chatting a bit, telling the audience that they’re about to perform a song by Swift and, he adds, “I really love the melodies in this song, I think that they’re absolutely brilliant”. At this, the audience laughs and the guy insists that he is serious.


Icelandic wonder Ásgeir was asked to perform a cover of a hit-list song when he visited a Dutch radio show around 3 years ago. He claims to have randomly picked a song based on the title (presumably he, like I, “don’t listen to radio”?), and ended up with Miley Cyrus’ “Wrecking Ball” which he then performed with his band. When introducing them, the hosts of the shows were audibly giggling at the song choice, as does the artist and his band.

When Justin Bieber is made fun of, it’s rarely about his music, but either about his fangirls or weird behavior. When it’s Taylor Swift however, it’s almost always about who she’s dating, how many people she’s dated, and how it “never” seems to last.

It’s time to realize that this is not “guy talk”. These are not funny jokes that you’ll understand if you just have some sense of humor. This is how everyday sexism and diminishing of a whole gender looks like. I’ve seen some advice for dealing with this, which I plan to try out – instead of laughing or starting a discussion, pretend you don’t get it, and let them explain why their sexist shit is funny.


6 thoughts on “Feminist Friday

  1. To that I say, my heroes are better than yours: https://youtu.be/-7bEdf5cRak

    Sorry. I just had to. Guy’s been seriously touring with this track, audience loves it. No sniggering, for reals. And his audience consists of a fair amount of people who like their music heavy.

    Not intended as the ‘not all men’ comment is might look like right now, more of a, didn’t know there were people in music that retarded. Becuase in my world, they’re…-slightly- less retarded.

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    1. First I want to just state that none of the people mentioned are my heroes 😛

      Secondly – goose bumps. Vilken röst!
      It’s always good to be reminded that there are intelligent people out there too!

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      1. För att vara lite snäll med publiken verkar det som om de blev inställda på att nu skulle det vara någon slags komedirutin. Men näe, not the brightest of people alltså.

        F.ö. jag tycker att Dustin får ta och samla sig och göra en Ryan Adams, bara cover-skiva rakt av, tror det kan bli suuuperbra.

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