WordPress Anniversary

Apparently it is mine. So they tell me. Sure I didn’t start writing anything until about 2 weeks later, but I’ve always been a slow starter.

Screen Shot 2017-07-13 at 09.38.14

In other news, we got mom a smartphone for her birthday. She’s not the most tech savvy person out there, but we set the phone to easy mode and it’s going better than I’d anticipated. Today she even managed to send me this picture, captioned “my first tomato this year!”. It’s quite cute, I have to say. (not the tomato, my mom)


4 thoughts on “WordPress Anniversary”

  1. Happy almost one year anniversary then! And that’s nice that she’s able to take pictures, at least! My mum only uses her phone for playing candy crush so she hasn’t made any progress with it at all.

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