This Time Next Week….

…my mom and younger brother (I like to call him “little brother”, which people react on when they meet him and he’s just 3 years younger, so 30+, and taller than I) are almost here! I’m very very excited about this. It’s been 3 years since my mom was here and like 5 years since my brother was (the older brother still has not, but hey, it’s only been 9,5 years!). Let’s just hope the weather is reasonable when they’re here, they’re not great with heat and humidity…

Meanwhile I’m revisiting my playlists from 2015 and 2016 (yes, I save Spotify playlists with my favorites each year), and these popped up again:

My relationship with Family Guy is what FB would call “complicated” (seriously, Peter? Then again, I do like Brian.). But I still laugh at this:

3 thoughts on “This Time Next Week….”

  1. OK Go is haunting me. For some reason I don’t know all my devices will insist there’s a track by OK GO on it. I don’t know OK Go, I don’t know where this track could be coming from, makes me hate OK Go. Will never listen to. The other two tracks tho! Not bad.

    ..not that you need my approval by any means. Just saying I listened. Bascially.

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    1. Haha, kind of like that scam with U2 where it was suddenly appearing on all Apple devices (no matter how much one – I – hate U2)? You should give their videos a chance though, they’re like the only band still making an effort with them!


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