The Happiness Tag

A happiness tag, from Lisa of all people. Who would’ve seen that coming?! (That’s a compliment of sorts.)

The rules

  • List five things that makes you happy
  • Share five songs that makes you happy
  • Tag at least five bloggers that makes you happy

5 things that make me happy:

  • My family. Sure they sometimes drive me crazy, but in the end, they’re the constant in my life – the ones I know will always be there. (you know, metaphorically. irl we’ll all die.)
  • Randomly getting to hear Swedish. Being surrounded by Dutch and English, it always surprises me. Even that commercial that’s on tv here now, where they sing in Swedish (I was going to embed it, but I honestly don’t know what it’s for. Wasa? Volvo?)
  • Random acts of kindness. (a.k.a. the only reason I haven’t completely lost all hope in mankind yet).
  • Good books. As in physical books. If they’re made of pixels, they don’t exist. (I type, on this blog – the irony is not lost on me.)
  • Good music.

5 songs that make me happy:

(look Lisa, it works!)

And let’s add one video too, of female hip-hop collective Reykjavíkurdætur (Reykjavik’s daughters):


I’m terrible at tag, so let’s just say that anyone up for it should do it!


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