She’s back! (Feminist Friday)

Last night, I suddenly realized this:

Screen Shot 2017-08-17 at 20.56.14

She’s back! And there’s nothing to do but applaud TS for taking a stance against a douche that groped her, using her position and taking the fight for less privileged women.

And in other news (small Feminist Friday shout out), since about 2 months, ob’s commercials both here and in Sweden (at least what I saw when there for vacation) have done the great switch from blue liquids to red:


About friggin time. (Also led to a long discussion with my partner where he goes “no one notices these things”, and I’m like yes, lots of people do, and he doesn’t believe me.)

7 thoughts on “She’s back! (Feminist Friday)”

    1. Nej, det är sant, det ser inte ut som blod direkt, men det är ju iaf närmre än blått 😛 (Plus att jag har sånt där anti-blåljus filter på telefonen, så det ändrar också nyansen.)

      Oh noes 😦
      Alltså jag VET att man borde lära sig använda menskopp men jag är fan för gammal. Det går bara inte!


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