All the Movies

So yesterday I apparently didn’t want to study. So much so that instead I watched 4 (…yep) movies and did grocery shopping. Procrastination ftw!

This time, I saw these:

Florence Foster Jenkins
Well, who doesn’t like Meryl? And together with her, my mom’s favorite, Hugh Grant – who was really quite likable in this one. I think you know the premise? Rich lady wants nothing more than be part of the music and art world, she does so by contributing money and singing. Just that her voice isn’t… great. It’s a well played drama, where you start off laughing with Wolowitz (i.e. Simon Helberg), but in the end I almost shed a tear for Florence.

The Lobster
So this movie takes place in a society that values relationships more than anything. So when/if your partner leaves you, you’re sent to a hotel where you have 45 days to find a new one. If you fail, you will be transformed into an animal (of your choice). We’re not talking “true” love though, but the main thing is that the two people have something in common.
Now, I really like the premise and the storyline, and the dialogues are awkwardly hilarious. Unfortunately I think it lost speed around halfway, but I appreciate the ending.

Diary of  Teenage Girl
This one didn’t even go up in the cinema here, but I of course heard about it because of Alex Skarsgård (who, btw, cannot POSSIBLY turn into more of a copy of his dad than he is?). If you’re able to overlook the 35 yo man who has an affair with his girlfriend’s underage daughter, the movie is good! Kristen Wiig is great as always, and Skarsgård jr is pretty good at playing awkward. And the story allows a teenage girl to be into sex without slut shaming her, plus the movie ends with the line (which I don’t remember ad verbatim, but along the lines of) “I always thought I wanted to be like my mom, but she thinks she needs a man to be happy. I don’t.”

Swiss Army Man
First of all, I would so very much like to see how many Harry Potter fans that went to see this one because Daniel Radcliffe’s in it. Secondly, I would have wanted to see their faces afterwards. The only reason I watched this one was that my brother hyped it. He’s pretty picky with recommending movies, but called this “one of the best movies he’d ever seen”. So. I guess if you can get past the fart joke that is the first 15-20 minutes, you  might warm up to it. During the movie, I was pretty unimpressed, but I have to say that it grew on me. Not the fart jokes, mind you, but the atmosphere and feeling in the movie. Plus this song:

2 thoughts on “All the Movies”

  1. Huh. Tror jag kan ha bookmarkat Diary of a Teenage Girl men sedan ändrat mig. Men jag tror jag kanske får ändra mig igen? Mildly intrigued av alla egentligen. Förutom den sista. 15 minuter fart joke? Nej alltså det går bort.

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