100 Day Song Challenge – #100

“A song. Actually, not just “a song”. THE SONG.”

As with so many of the others, this prompt just annoys me. What? You want me to pick just ONE song? Of all songs that have ever been written? Pff.

When I started the list, over a year ago, I put this song at this number:

But I guess it could also be this one:

Basically, I refuse. Let’s call this “by one of your favorite bands (#4)” instead.

And with that, it’s time to say goodbye to this music challenge. Thank you, you were a great safety blanket this past year, and I don’t really know what to do without you.

6 thoughts on “100 Day Song Challenge – #100”

      1. So! Basically, I’ve combined some prompts I like from a few challenges I’ve found, and added a few of my own. How do you want to do it? Presented one/some at a time, or just one long list? Do you want there to be a time limit or just endless? I can find/make up prompts (..expect them to be on the inane side tho..) on the regular. If not endless, I’m thinking a XX week challenge?

        Oh, and it’s v. v. varied.

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