Take Away All My Power

So the fantastic people of FM Belfast (look at me talking like I know them*, but really, I’ve seen pretty much anything with them on Youtube, and am in their private Facebook group; it feels a bit like I know them) have released a new single, and asked their minions to “spread the word”. So here I am, spreading the word.

Like this – in this interview (below).
“- Our music is…?
– Happy, dramatic, dance-pop music!
– It’s eh, party music for people who don’t party all the time, but just sometimes. You know, not people who wake up and start drinking and shooting heroin very early in the morning, but just people who party just every other weekend.
– Ah, yes, that’s pretty good. It’s for normal party people.”

They crack me up.

*the second ArnΓ­ is the one I mentioned in this post.

5 thoughts on “Take Away All My Power”

      1. Really!?

        Well OK. Not -actually- surprised. There’s still some work to do for Spotify when it comes to the auto-generated playlists. Mine come out OK though. Even if I know of the majority of releases before they’re in the playlist, I get some served. For example release by German band Gloria this morning. Quite pleased about that. Would not have known in a million years.


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