Dream Lineup

This is part one of Lisa’s Endless Blog Challenge, the prompt went like this:

Fall is almost upon us! This means regular tours. Finally! No more of these pesky festivals. What four bands/singers would you love to see tour together this fall? And at what venue would like them to play?

Hear, hear! Fucking festivals. (Only exception: beloved Iceland Airwaves, and I’m not even going there this year.) For convenience, I’d like them to play in the Netherlands – Melkweg in Amsterdam would be nice. (Yes, I know, totally unrealistic, but no one said this has to be attainable.)

I’ve actually divided this into two separate ones, since due to their different styles, I am unwilling to list what order they should play in otherwise.

#1 – a.k.a. Icelandic invasion:
Sigur Rós
FM Belfast

#2 -a.k.a. Super Swedes:
Little Jinder
Annika Norlin (a.k.a. Säkert! and/or Hello Saferide)
Veronica Maggio
The Hives


3 thoughts on “Dream Lineup

  1. Alltså JA!

    And may I say, Little Jinder, jag är tydligen så impressed av hennes person i största allmänhet att jag drömde att hon hoppade in som gitarrist i Architects. Vilket hon säkert skulle ta som en förolämpning men POÄNGEN: resten av bandet blev plöstligt det mest ohäftiga ever by comparison. Hon är som en Jem-karaktär (jaja, hon skulle vara med i Misfits men ändå) på riktigt.

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