September Summary

SEPTEMBER SUMMARY. Or September favorites, whatever you want to call it! Some sort of wrap up of September.

This was a very good reading month. Partially because of Storytel and the audiobooks I actually enjoyed. And all the feminism, I’m loving it.

The Books:
Kerstin Ekman’s Händelser vid vatten (Blackwater)
Carin Holmberg’s Det kallas manshat
Dave Eggers The Circle
Chika Unigwe’s On Black Sisters’ Street
Nina Björk’s Under det rosa täcket (Under the pink duvet)
Annika Lantz’s Vad ska en flicka göra (What’s a girl to do)
Amanda Lovelace’s The Princess Saves Herself in this One
Katarina Wennstam Flickan och skulden (The Girl and the Guilt)
Felicia Day You’re Never Weird on the Internet (Almost)
Simon Pegg Nerd Do Well
Lois Lowry The Giver

I wanted to love Ekman’s book, like really, since she seems to be an awesome person. But I’m like “meh”. The first half was somewhat of a struggle, and at no point did I warm up to any of the characters in it. Equally lacking interesting characters was The Circle. Like, I enjoyed reading it, but I will never recommend it to anyone because of shallow (female) main person. Wennstam’s book is the worst thing (qua contents, not writing) I have ever read. Still makes me sick just thinking of it, and how can you even believe in the judicial system of your country after reading it? So after that I had to read something lighter, and went for two autobiographies. Day’s was by far the more enjoyable, and she had me giggling a bunch of times. Pegg’s was somewhat of a disappointment, mainly focusing on him as a kid and with a weird side-story.

The Movies:
The Circle
The Hitman’s Bodyguard
Despicable Me 3
Cirkeln (note: not related in any way to the first movie in this list)
Star Wars – Rogue One

The Shows:
Agent of Shield (finished season 4)
Fargo (season 3)
13 Reasons Why
The Orville
Star Trek: Discovery

The Music:

Other stuff:
A wedding! Two 50+ people tied the knot.
A live show of a podcast! (Welcome to Nightvale on European tour)

New podcast:
Postpatriarkatet (tack Lisa för tips!)

The Giver – Book versus Movie #3

Full disclosure: I initially decided to watch this movie when my celebrity crush was Alexander Skarsgård. Not that it’s relevant for this review, I just wanted to let you know.

Whoa, I like it! Meryl! Jeff! Grey and gloomy dystopia is kind of my thing, and this is literally gray – as in they don’t see colors! (Sorry, I’ll try to limit the ! usage from now on.) Even TS is in the movie. And I buy it. Sure, they reveal pretty early on where the movie’s going (and it does), but it was alright anyway. As I sympathize with the vulcans, the whole “precision of language” thing appeals to me.

I think I also have to address how ugly the movie poster is though. Really? Hovering faces in the sky?

So this e-book is only 132 pages long, that feels a bit short?
And look, the book’ll have few surprises when you’ve already seen the main storyline in the movie, but it’s still nice. There are some details they just brushed past in the movie that get more space here though, like the giving of memories. The whole release thing is also kept obscured for longer, which gives a more shocking effect once revealed.

With this topic, it did feel like they are weirdly defendant of the whole capitalism/individualism we live by. Which is fine, sure, I just wish at least one of these dystopian books would end more like 1984.

Fall Favorites

The Endless Blog Challenge (obviously) continues:

5 FALL FAVORITES. If I’m being honest, I’m expecting five songs you’ve added to your fall playlist, but let’s not be restrictive! Any type fall favorites, completely random or on a theme.

There’s something with Melissa Horn. All her songs are like super sad and about failed relationships (and, listen, apparently that’s all fine, but when TS does it she “plays the victim”?). And, well so is this one. But it’s with an organ and is almost 8 minutes long. I just love it:

All Hail the Glow Cloud

One of the podcasts I listen to is Welcome to Night Vale. This faux community radio where weird stuff happens is… well, weird.

They are on a European tour at the moment, and since they passed Amsterdam, I decided to go. Friend S was easily persuaded, so she joined. It was odd to see the voices in person, so to speak, but I enjoyed it (also enjoyed the people cosplaying as glowing clouds). Then I got home just before midnight, and was super tired the whole day yesterday. Totally worth it.

All the Social Interactions

With the whole working full time thing, I like my week nights and weekends to have time for me to just relax and recharge my batteries. Frankly, having too many plans stresses me out. So this week was a bit of challenge – Thursday evening there was a company get-together, Friday we went out for dinner for my birthday, and Saturday we were going to visit friends. This means that my mental conversation beforehand goes something like this will be awful. Why did I agree to do all these things so close together? And then I go, and it’s fine. Talk about worrying about nothing.

The friends yesterday though, they’d made their own pulled pork. Had started the bbq at 9 am, to serve dinner at 6 pm. That’s commitment I will never be able to repay. (And it was delicious, and a good time was had by all.)

I’ll also throw in the bonus topic from the Endless Blog Challenge:

SONG RECOMMENDATION. Not just any old song, one song off of this week’s Spotify Release Radar playlist.

This week’s Release Radar was a lot less fun that last week’s, but look, a favorite Icelandic rapper released a new song:

Storytel Lured me Back

This will probably not be the last post on audiobooks here. As I’ve mentioned before, I struggle with them. I’m used to listening to music and thinking of other things (daydreaming), so I just stop paying attention at some point. In June I gave Storytel another try, and even listened to a whole book! (Norse Mythology – Neil Gaiman’s voice was apparently nice enough to keep my attention). But, I think € 18 is a bit hefty if I only manage to hear/read 1 book per month, so I cancelled the subscription.

Now they sent me this offer – one month for € 1 (ish, it was in SEK since I joined their .se site). How can I resist that?

And – I’ve finished three books already, two of which were the audio kind. The thing that got me this time was the cross-functionality/sync between audio and e-books that lets you switch between the two versions as you wish. Brilliant! So now I’ll have to re-consider if I think it’s worth the money anyway… luxury problems.


(I thought this notion was great btw – saying that women don’t marry (people who are like) their dads, they marry (people who are like) their moms. From this book.)

This Book Makes me Sad


I just finished this book, and I have to rant about it. I’ve never been so upset, so disgusted, from reading a book (and I’ve read some bad shit before). The title would be something like “The Girl and the Guilt: a book about how society views rape” in English. The author has gone through old verdicts in rape cases, and shows how the courts tend to focus on the victim. Asking if the woman was drinking, doing drugs, her sexual history, how she was dressed – and so on. While the men – the actual perpetrators – were almost never asked similar questions. And there are interviews. Gut-wrenching interviews. With victims, lawyers, police, DAs… It feel sick just thinking of it. This should be mandatory reading for EVERYONE.

Seriously, after reading this and listening to Postpatriarkatet, I think my future will lie in a women-only commune. I shall have a bunch of cats and say like the main character of “Decoy Bride” – “I’m going man-vegan”. (I already think I can get Lisa and friend L to join. A house in the forest – you know you want it!)