Project 2017 – Update #8

I have three goals for this year, and will be making monthly updates on them. They are:

  • thinking of my health and start moving more. no numbers, explicit goals or deadlines, but simply that – move more, be kind to my body.
  • favorize women! more female authors and artists
  • continue learning stuff.

So, how has month four gone?

Health: Eh. No. I had good intentions (I usually do), but it didn’t happen.

The Ladies: Si! I’m back at 75% women, when it comes to books read, so now I’ve just gotta keep it up. Don’t order the Mistborn Trilogy. Just don’t.

Learning: Well, I did hand everything in (on time) for the project management course. It remains to be see if I’ll pass. Oh, and I signed up for 2 courses this fall…


4 thoughts on “Project 2017 – Update #8”

  1. MY GOD WOMAN! Clearly your lack of activity in the first category is transported into the third because otherwise hur orkar du!?? (I’m not even exaggerating, WAY more impressed by the will and energy to study than literally -anything else- right now.)

    What courses have you signed up to?


    1. Actually, that would make sense! I need to find some middle grounds!

      Err, nått med utveckla organisationer/ledning? Och världens språk! Språkkursen börjar inte förrän senare, så vi får se om jag fortfarande är intresserad när registreringen öppnar…


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