This Week’s Favorites

This is, again, for the Endless Blog Challenge.

THIS WEEK’S FAVORITES. Weekly feature at The Mustards. Who doesn’t like listing favorites? If you want to make it extra challenging, have theme.

It’s been an uneventful week so far, so this’ll mainly be music. Two songs I’m loving right now:

As I was working from home yesterday, I was listening to this week’s Discover Weekly on Spotify in the background, and suddenly I heard Dutch. It really made me aggressively angry with Spotify, mentally going “WHY?! I don’t listen to anything in Dutch, WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO ME?”.

Then, I realized it was Danish. *cough* So yeah. (I haven’t listened to anything in Danish either, but I can live with that appearing in the list.)


I’ve also started using VPN, like a sane person, and it annoys gmail and Youtube to no end. Gmail is all “SECURITY WARNING!!!! someone logged in to your account from another IP” and Youtube does this (note: I’m using a Dutch IP):

Screen Shot 2017-08-31 at 22.40.06

3 thoughts on “This Week’s Favorites”

  1. Gawd you’re tolerant. I’d be as upset hearing Danish as Dutch. Probably more. (In my mind, all Danish music is rap music, never mind that I actually have been listening to that wonderful pop song, what’s it called again, Natteravn! quite a lot.) Although not as upset as I get when Kapten Röd comes on. That’s a main reason I don’t listen to the radio at all anymore, so avoid even a second of Kapten Röd. Jaa…det om detta..

    That Taylor song tho! Kinda Robynesque? Do you like better than the previous single? I keep hearing people claiming it’s sooo much better. (Me: It’s not really Out of the Woods is it..?)

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    1. Haha, Spotify plays me all sorts of Nordic music (this week – it suddenly added Finnish songs…). I can’t complain about that!
      Känner icke till Kapten Röd alls. Låter som att det är lika bra?

      Alltså. Ja, ganska Robynesque med basgången och så. Jag gillar den bättre än förra (mest p.g.a. det), men alltså.. har du sett videon till den första? Särskilt slutet var ju briljant. Och nej, ingen av dem är på nivå med Out of the Woods!

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      1. Finnish songs is actually the only thing I get. No wait, occasionally it’ll give me weird 90s Norwegian metal, which is fun. I’m guessing the Finnish music is because it knows I like HIM.

        Om du känner för att bli aggressiv, lyssna på Kapten Röd, det är vad jag skulle vilja säga.

        Nix, har inte kikat, will do!


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