This Book Makes me Sad


I just finished this book, and I have to rant about it. I’ve never been so upset, so disgusted, from reading a book (and I’ve read some bad shit before). The title would be something like “The Girl and the Guilt: a book about how society views rape” in English. The author has gone through old verdicts in rape cases, and shows how the courts tend to focus on the victim. Asking if the woman was drinking, doing drugs, her sexual history, how she was dressed – and so on. While the men – the actual perpetrators – were almost never asked similar questions. And there are interviews. Gut-wrenching interviews. With victims, lawyers, police, DAs… It feel sick just thinking of it. This should be mandatory reading for EVERYONE.

Seriously, after reading this and listening to Postpatriarkatet, I think my future will lie in a women-only commune. I shall have a bunch of cats and say like the main character of “Decoy Bride” – “I’m going man-vegan”. (I already think I can get Lisa and friend L to join. A house in the forest – you know you want it!)

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