Storytel Lured me Back

This will probably not be the last post on audiobooks here. As I’ve mentioned before, I struggle with them. I’m used to listening to music and thinking of other things (daydreaming), so I just stop paying attention at some point. In June I gave Storytel another try, and even listened to a whole book! (Norse Mythology – Neil Gaiman’s voice was apparently nice enough to keep my attention). But, I think € 18 is a bit hefty if I only manage to hear/read 1 book per month, so I cancelled the subscription.

Now they sent me this offer – one month for € 1 (ish, it was in SEK since I joined their .se site). How can I resist that?

And – I’ve finished three books already, two of which were the audio kind. The thing that got me this time was the cross-functionality/sync between audio and e-books that lets you switch between the two versions as you wish. Brilliant! So now I’ll have to re-consider if I think it’s worth the money anyway… luxury problems.


(I thought this notion was great btw – saying that women don’t marry (people who are like) their dads, they marry (people who are like) their moms. From this book.)

4 thoughts on “Storytel Lured me Back”

  1. Ibland tänker jag på det som välgörenhet; supporta lite författare typ? But also, jag e lat. Hålla på och låna böcker från biblo? Näää. Så länge jag har böcker sparade i min bokhylla i appen så känns det värt det. För mig.

    Men annars JA det är dyrt. Jag använder för fasiken Spotify waaay more och betalar mindre. Makes no sense.

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      1. Haha, det här låter lite som när skivbolagen försöker argumentera för varför de är viktigare än Spotify:

        “Skräckscenariot är att fler och fler anpassar sig utifrån vad läsarna kan tänkas vilja ha, menar Malin Koch.”

        Ja, gud, tänk vad hemskt om folk får välja!!

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