The Giver – Book versus Movie #3

Full disclosure: I initially decided to watch this movie when my celebrity crush was Alexander Skarsgård. Not that it’s relevant for this review, I just wanted to let you know.

Whoa, I like it! Meryl! Jeff! Grey and gloomy dystopia is kind of my thing, and this is literally gray – as in they don’t see colors! (Sorry, I’ll try to limit the ! usage from now on.) Even TS is in the movie. And I buy it. Sure, they reveal pretty early on where the movie’s going (and it does), but it was alright anyway. As I sympathize with the vulcans, the whole “precision of language” thing appeals to me.

I think I also have to address how ugly the movie poster is though. Really? Hovering faces in the sky?

So this e-book is only 132 pages long, that feels a bit short?
And look, the book’ll have few surprises when you’ve already seen the main storyline in the movie, but it’s still nice. There are some details they just brushed past in the movie that get more space here though, like the giving of memories. The whole release thing is also kept obscured for longer, which gives a more shocking effect once revealed.

With this topic, it did feel like they are weirdly defendant of the whole capitalism/individualism we live by. Which is fine, sure, I just wish at least one of these dystopian books would end more like 1984.


4 thoughts on “The Giver – Book versus Movie #3

  1. Huh. Would not have thought AS was your celebrity crush. Ever. But then I struggle with the hole AS obsession in general. It’s as if I don’t believe it.

    Moving on…v. interested in this book/movie! Now that you’ve informed me of its existence.

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