Currently Reading

Currently reading. Needs no further explanation I’m sure.

Geeesh. I dunno man, I had read someone’s post on how they liked circus-related books, which reminded me of The Night Circus (which I enjoyed), and then I saw this book with carnival in the title and felt compelled to buy it. I also think the cover is pretty!

But I’m not feeling it. The first 100 pages I was like “meh. what?” and then I thought I’ll give it some more time, and now I’m in the last third, so I think “what the hell, I guess I’ll finish it”, but it’s not… that good? I’m totally not invested, I don’t care about the characters, I don’t get why there are two story lines (one is so-so and one is straight out boring). I guess I’ll go with: don’t read this one.



2 thoughts on “Currently Reading”

    1. Yeah, it doesn’t make any sense at all! I still haven’t read any books that were crap in the first half and then picked up (and compensated) in the second half… I’d guess it’s something about feeling like losing invested time? Or something like that.

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