Endless Blog Challenge!

Empties. On a theme or completely random!

Since there was a head’s up about this, I managed to gather 3 empties for this post. “Tre tomma”. Starting off with my all time favorite hand cream; Lush’s Handy Gurugu. Friend L introduced me to this one while in Iceland, so as a plus point, the smell reminds me of that! It’s the only thing that makes sure my hands survive the soap they use at work:



Moving on, I’ve emptied the first products I bought for skincare. Both from Paula’s Choice (since I’m lazy, I bought everything from the same place), it’s a cleanser and day cream for combination/oily skin. I’m honestly very invested in this cleanser, but since I – at the same time – think it’s ridiculous to pay € 26 for a cleanser, I’m now trying cheaper alternatives (this and this). I’m not convinced by either of them 😦

The day cream was a bit “meh” though. While the SPF definitely worked, and the texture was SPF-cream-like (which I can live with), it left like… I don’t have the words to describe it. You know like when you shower and old skin comes off around your neck? A bit like that, when I touched my face like the monkey I am. So won’t buy that one again, and am currently trying this one instead. (Promising so far! Just note that it says “fluid” not “cream”.)



5 thoughts on “Empties

  1. Men nej! Inte L’Oréal, de testar ju på djuren 😦 (So upset att jag nästan skrev juren. Ehm. Ja. Vi säger att det var därför.) Jag vill såklart propagera för en Body Shop, de har en fin foaming cleanser i Nutraganics serien, annars gillar jag Seaweed gelen, kan dock vara för att det är något i den som har en lite mintig känsla. Mario Badescu ska också ha bra cleanser (tydligen ser jag det som min uppgift att propagera cruelty-free för JUST DIG ??).

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  2. Have you tried anything from Simple? I use their foaming cleanser and I really like it. All of their products are infused with vitamins and all that, plus they’re cruelty free! If not then i definitely second Mario Badescu.

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