Spotify Time Capsule

The Endless Blog Challenge

So here they are, in order:

A “What?!” song, one that you don’t really understand how it ended up in your specific playlist.

I listened to it ONCE, come on. (Yes, when watching Pitch Perfect’s riff-off, I wanted to hear the original.) Their cover was better:

What artist/group has the most songs in your list?

Two songs by these guys. Not my favorite song though, so not sure what’s up with that.

A song you’d forgotten about, one that made you go “Oh yea, that one, ❤ .”

A rare song. As in, a song that’s probably not in most people’s playlist.

Not that this one is very unique, but neither are the other songs in my list.

Favorite song in the playlist?

This is not the first (or last time) I say so, but goddamnit, this song, it’s just so PRETTY.

One or more artists/groups missing in your playlist. Something you used to listen to a lot that isn’t in your list.


10 thoughts on “Spotify Time Capsule

      1. Haha 😀 No Pearl Jam? I’ve got one, and then actually TWO Hole (..which I personally count to the big ones but yea..), I’ve also got R.E.M. and’s actually quite listenable.


      2. Could be. But in my case, I have listened to most of the songs in my list. So I want to think that counts for something. Oh I dunno. I just feel like my taste is so obvious I’m an easy case. I mean Skunk Anansie’s Weak? Who didn’t listen to that..

        Maybe I should ask them about it. “Hello. Please explain me your algorithm. No no reason, just want to know.”

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      3. Def! I know what you must do, carry out a poll at your place of work, ask the natives what they were listening to back in the day and see if it matches up with your list. Sounds like LOTS OF FUN right? 🙂

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