Feminist Friday

The Endless Blog Challenge.

Feminist Friday. I’ve got something specific in mind: a book with a feminist theme that you really like, fiction or non-fiction.

This is a repeat – I’ve mentioned this book in the TTT posts as well, but it holds up. It’s called Egalia’s Daughters, and was written by Norwegian author Gerd Brantenberg in the 70:ies. Somehow it seems the English translation has gotten an addition to the title, and is called Egalia’s Daughters: A Satire of the Sexes.


Women are paid a pregnancy salary for being pregnant and giving birth, after which the man takes responsibility for raising the children (the woman already did the main task of actually creating life). There are no housewives, there are househusbands. No bras, but pras (well, not sure how that’s been translated into English. they have “bras for penises” that boys are encouraged to wear once they reach puberty, to protect their fragile man-parts).

It’s been a few years since I read this, so I honestly don’t remember that much details. I’ll do a re-read soon and revisit this though. What I do remember, is that it really made me realize how Swedish is male-oriented – the general “one” (as in “one could say”) is in Swedish “man”. But not in this book, here it’s “dam”.


7 thoughts on “Feminist Friday”

  1. Gawd yes, den boken kan man prata om mycket!

    Men jag är tveksam till ordvalet dam. I mitt tycke skulle kvinna flyta så mycket bättre och för mig känns det som motsvarigheten till man. Motsvarigheten till dam är ju herre liksom? Men det kanske bara är jag.

    Fattar fortfarande inte att mother dearest inte alls tyckte om denna bok. För orealistisk tydligen. Samma som fantasy I take it? Jaja.

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    1. Japp, håller med. För mig var det bara ett sorts uppvaknande eftersom jag aldrig hade tittat eller tänkt kritiskt på svenskan. 🙂

      Va? Men… det är ju inte alls så orealistiskt, det är ju så gott som faktiska exempel med bara ombytta kön… 😮

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