Skincare tag pt 2

The Endless Blog Challenge.

Skincare tag pt 2. Questions:

5. Best budget buy? I don’t really remember how much this one was, but it wasn’t too bad, and it’s actually very nice. I miss the products of the Swedish pharmacies…20171018_161650.jpg
6. Do you use any tools (Clarisonic, Foreo, etc.)? Nein!
7. Best mask? Eh. In theory I like masks, and I have some in a drawer. But in reality, I rarely use them. Definitely not often enough to have anything even close to a favorite. Give me suggestions!
8. Best multi-use? Maybe Lush’s Lemony Flutter that’ll make anything soft and smells great? (although this specific pot is pretty weird consistency)


One thought on “Skincare tag pt 2

  1. Har precis köpt två masker från Body Shop; en med ginseng och lite skrubb och en hydrating and plumping, tips! 😉 annars gillar jag ju deras seaweed, men den är för deep clean. Riktigt tips: börja testa lite lermasker. En favvolermask borde du kunna hitta. Jag ska nog testa Neal’s Yards lermask i helgen, hoppas mycket på den! Annars är Pixis Glow Mud Mask riktigt bra. Lite syra i den förutom lera. Myys.

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