Scrappy Little Nobody

I finally got the books I ordered from the UK (4 weeks… don’t order from pick-a-book if you can avoid it), and I’ve just finished the first one. This is not the original artwork, and, well, I prefer the original to this:


HOWEVER. It’s Anna Kendrick. I obviously liked her before this (why else read it?), but now I would jut like to have her as my friend because she’s hilarious and outspoken. And things like this:

“Like most enemies in my life, I hoped to punish her with passive-aggressive glances and silent – but passionate! – resentment. She retaliated by forgetting I existed. Ah, the moral victory.”


And this:


(Also, for Lisa – there is section about periods.)

3 thoughts on “Scrappy Little Nobody”

    1. Det bör inte vara omöjligt! 🙂 ska kanske “varna” att det inte är massa detaljer om hennes privatliv, utan en samling historier/berättelse som påverkat henne. Såg att det var en del klagomål om det på goodreads.

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