In my TBR

The Endless Blog Challenge.

In my TBR. Self-explanatory? Maybe not all of them, but one or two?

This is a topic I had left over from last week (?), and it’s brief enough for me to manage apost now. I’m in external training Mon-Wed this week to renew one of my certificates (so I can keep one of the fancy-sounding “specialist” titles at work), and it’s certainly reminding me of how little I enjoy social situations with strangers.

These are the books that have been laying in my TBR pile for quite a while, and that I really do want to read… at some point. Just never when I actually start a new book?

Victor Hugo’s Les Misérables
Leo Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina (I enjoyed War and Peace, so I’m not sure why I keep putting this one off?)


2 thoughts on “In my TBR

  1. Maybe it’s because it’s a brick and you’re intimidated? Pure guessing! I haven’t the faintest how long Anna Karenina is, but Russian novel, immediately makes you think it would be a brick, doesn’t it?`

    Ja alltså kan vi lägga ner det här med umgås med grupper av folk already? By which I mean, det kan väl vara frivilligt? Var tvingad att umgås med alla MIUN:s administratörer i två dagar förra veckan. They’re nice people and all, men gruppaktiviteter, skjut mig hellre. Blev inte bättre av att vi gjorde grupparbeten i någon slags klassrumssituation. Det är exakt så jag föreställer mig helvetet. E x a k t.

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