October summary

The Endless Blog Challenge.

Carol Birch’s Orphans of the Carnival
Rebecca Skloot’s The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks
Roxane Gay’s Bad Feminist
Marc-Uwe Kling’s The Kangaroo Chronicles
Lena Dunham’s Not That Kind of Girl: A Young Woman Tells You What She’s “Learned”
Anna Kendrick’s Scrappy Little Nobody
Needi Okorafor’s Akata Witch
Agnes von Krusenstjerna’s Kvinnogatan (Fröknarna von Pahlen #2)

Oh oh, Akata Witch and Scrappy Little Nobody. I want to read them both again, and I’m even considering going all the way to Amsterdam* to get Akata Warrior (the sequel). My least favorite of the books above was definitely Orphans of the Carnival, which was somewhat of a disappointment. I’ll get over it.

Pride & Prejudice & Zombies
Gaga: Five Foot Two
Thor 3: Ragnarok

There appears there are two kinds of Austen fans: the ones who also enjoy zombies and think “sure, why not?” when they see a title like the one above, and ones like my friend L who went “…seriously? who would read that” (ME L, ME). The movie wasn’t at all bad! Bit disappointed in the Darcy they went with, but I guess you can’t have it all. I much prefer having the sisters specialized in martial arts over embroidery, to be honest. Thor didn’t disappoint, Gaga was kind of relatable, but also kind of awful?.

The Orville
Star Trek: Discovery
Fargo (season 3)
The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

The critics can say what they will (and I guess they do), but in this house we really like The Orville. It’s like Star Trek, but not like Start Trek: Discovery (which is also good, but very dark), cause it’s overtly funny. I hope it’ll be renewed for more seasons!

Friend-themed month where I spent two weekends away from home. All the socializing!


*Sure, YOU think holland is tiny, but once you live here, you don’t, and look, Amsterdam is AN HOUR away and it feels insurmountable and you will never understand!


2 thoughts on “October summary

  1. How are you getting on with Krustenstjerna? I know some people kinda..hate it.

    And also, I want to add a third category of Austen fans. Because I’m more like. ‘Oh. Austen and zombies. Interesting. Would not read, but fun idea.’

    And er. Based on looks. Also confused about that Darcy. Might have to watch that movie, just to compare and contrast Darcys.

    Aaaaand, that Gaga docu, so interested! But this is the one area of my financial diet I’m actually doing good, don’t want to spoil that. Or do I?

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