Week in Life

This post is part of the Endless Blog Challenge.

We should be getting back to regular routines; let’s do a Week in Life. Doesn’t have to be a detailed account, a line a day is plenty.

Instead of doing what this prompts, I’ll give you some nice memes (do they count as that?) that I’ve liked enough to save when I saw them, and that I think accurately describes my past working week.


2 thoughts on “Week in Life”

  1. The meme concept, I also find it confusing. I can read the explanation 100 times, doesn’t stick. Or more like, it seems the way people use it and any type “official” explanation don’t match up. ..or maybe I’m just “too old”?

    Also, relatable! Personally, I tend to think people really aren’t stupid, just pretending; they’re really just arrogant and trying to manipulate me in some way, thusly the GRAR reaction. But really, I should just assume that they are stupid and respond to it with a “Lilla vän! Nu vet du ska jag förklara för dig!” If nothing else, it’d probably me more fun for me.

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