I hate buses

So, today – just before rush hour – , someone jumped in front of a train at one of the bigger train stations in the country. Granted it is sad that someone is in a situation where that seems to be the best thing to do, but let’s also look at how this specific choice affects complete strangers. For 3,5 hours, there were no trains past Leiden station. Normally, that’s around 30 trains an hour? (Guessing, it might be more but is certainly not less.) 30 rush-hour-busy trains. Replacement buses you say? Wait, what country do you think we live in? That’s simply not possible on such short notice, and frankly, they’d just get stuck in traffic anyway.

This is not a post trying to get sympathy (I got home, didn’t I?). I just think you’d have to have angelic patience not to be just a bit pissed off.

In other news, were going to look at 2 houses tomorrow. Maybe a move is on the horizon? At least I won’t have train problems then.

3 thoughts on “I hate buses”

  1. Oo hus! Du borde försöka sneak some pics och göra ett inlägg!

    Om buss: du slapp iaf åka buss som körde av vägen och fick vänta i snöoväder? Fick mina kollegor tydligen. Jag: *katalogiserar buss som osäkert transportmedel för all framtid* och jag var inte ens med 😛

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      1. Sweet! 🙂

        Helst vill man ju bara kunna gå överallt. Idag är dock det där med gå lagom kul, har nästan ramlat ca 4 ggr när jag gått över gatan, plus blivit nedstänkt av bil (men EXCUSE ME då) och snart är det dags igen gaaawwdd.. jag hatar Sverige. Kan inte Ärzte skriva den låten? I needs it.


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