Week in Life

This post is part of the Endless Blog Challenge.

We should be getting back to regular routines; let’s do a Week in Life. Doesn’t have to be a detailed account, a line a day is plenty.

Instead of doing what this prompts, I’ll give you some nice memes (do they count as that?) that I’ve liked enough to save when I saw them, and that I think accurately describes my past working week.


Best of 2017


This post is part of the Endless Blog Challenge.

For the final week of December I propose skipping the monthly summary/favorites and focusing on a Best of 2017 post.

The Books:

Akata Witch. What Can I say, I’m just a sucker for teenage witches. I blame Buffy.
The Hate U Give. Wonderful YA that should be mandatory reading for majority groups.
Expeditionen: min kärlekshistoria. Sure, when Lisa said I should read a book about a failed arctic expedition, I was like… “…whaat?”. Totally worth it.
Kill the Boy Band. A YA book that deals with the sociology behind boy bands. Yes please.
The Way of Kings. The one male writer that made my top list – the best fantasy-brick I’ve ever read. And the second part was even better (but you shouldn’t start with that, so I recommend this part).

The Movies: (that I saw this year, not necessarily movies FROM this year)

The Lobster. Yes, OK, it’s weird, and gross at times, but it’s stayed with me.
Logan. The darkest Marvel movie so far, where like everyone’s on the verge of dying.

The Shows:

The Orville. Yes I know this is quite the Star Trek rip-off, but it’s like Star Trek and funny. It’s become somewhat of a favorite in the house, and I look forward to season 2.
Star Trek: Discovery. The darkest Star Trek (except maybe DS9?) with (brace yourself) a black woman as main character. Also a favorite in this house.
The Crown. Look, I’m not a big fan of monarchy or anything, but who can resist a good costume drama? Wonderful actors!

The Songs:

2017 in Books

Hi, hello!

I thought I’d kick this new year off with a review of my book-year 2017, and goodreads were kind of helpful with this:

Screen Shot 2017-12-30 at 14.02.00

Additionally, I have these homemade charts:

Screen Shot 2018-01-01 at 11.10.44Screen Shot 2018-01-01 at 11.10.31

So, to summarize, I reached the quantity goal (which was 70 books), and my female oriented focus of 75% women writers. As expected, I am way off on the country “goal” (let’s call it vague aim) of 30.

I will keep the 75% and the wish list of 30 countries for 2018, since I certainly did not miss reading more male authored books, and the country goal helps me diversify (for comparison – before I included that as goal, I read books from 5 countries).

How was your book year?