I saw two movies…

Like what seems as most people, I’ve seen Black Panther. We actually visited the cinema twice last week, cause I also wanted to see Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri. I enjoyed both very much, in their own ways.

Black Panther is obviously a superhero movie – part of the Marvel universe – that is building up to the final Avengers movie Ragnarök (sorry, but the dots just have to be there). Taking place in Africa, and with a predominantly black cast, this movie was refreshing. Naturally I also enjoyed a young woman being the by far smartest person in a movie.

While having read that Three Billboards (…) was worth watching, I had very little information on what it was about, which was very nice and left the movie more open. You’ll know Frances McDormand from Fargo (the movie), and in some ways the movie had a bit of similar vibes. After mainly knowing Sam Rockwell from Mr. Right (with lovely Anna Kendrick), this was… quite a different role.

The zzZzz list

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The zzZzz list

At what time do you go to bed?
Between 22 and 23 most days (including weekends, because I’m old and tired).

At what time do you wake up?
6:30 during the week, and between 8-9 in the weekend.

Are you a morning person?
I’m an “as long as I get enough sleep anything goes” kind of person.

What type of bed do you have?
Look, I am of the firm belief that something you should spend as much as you can afford on, is your bed. We have a rather expensive Swiss Sense bed and I love it.

What’s on your bedside table?
A wake-up light and this book I’m trying to read.

Which is the best song for falling asleep?
No, no, no. I require silence to sleep.

How do you sleep? Really?
What how? Good enough? On my side? I don’t get it.

What do you wear to bed?
That depends on the season – in winter, PJs, in summer, much less.

Bed hair?
Usually it puffs up a bit, but the advantage of long hair is that it’s still pretty manageable.

What do you do in the middle of the night?
Snore, apparently.

How do make your bedroom cozy?
I don’t, really. We have these metal blinders that makes it pitch black, and that’s all it takes.

What’s the weirdest place you’ve woken up?
There aren’t really any. I like to sleep in beds.

How do you make your bed?
I don’t. Waste of time!

What’s your best tip for a good night of sleep?
Don’t use a device with a screen just before sleeping. It really made a difference for me.

What do you do in bed before falling asleep?
Read. But not too much fantasy or action, cause then the story invades my dreams.

5 bands/artists

This post is part of the Endless Blog Challenge.

5 bands/artists that have been recommended to you. And that you actually like. Do mention who or what recommended!

Aah, this made me slightly nostalgic about people who used to be in my life but that aren’t anymore.

  • Let’s start off with a friendly neighbor (i.e. Norwegian). I used to work with one, and her (also Norwegian) friend recommended Sivert Høyem/Madrugada:
  • And then we’ll continue by tagging Lisa who came up with the Endless Blog Challenge; Dustin Kensrue. Lovely voice, and look, he even made a cover of my favorite Imogen Heep song:
  • When both friend L (*wave at L*) and big brother recommend the same artist, you know it’s something special:
  • My old (as in, several years ago – he was not that old) Paul promoted this Norwegian band, that turned into one of my absolute favorites (and best live bands):
  • Before I met my SO and moved to NL and all that, I also knew one of his friends (who then got a gf, moved out and was never heard of again). This was one of his recommendations, and while I think it starts off a bit slow, I still quite enjoy it:

5 x 5

This is part of the Endless Blog Challenge. Some topics I came up with 5, others – not so much.

5 lists about 5 things. I’ve borrowed this from a Swedish blog and translated it.

5 things I often say
“Did you Google it?” (cause my colleagues think I’m their tech support)
“Did you try turning it off and on again?” (cause my colleagues think I’m their tech support)
“Går det bra?” (“Is it going well?” – sarcastically, when something is obviously NOT going well. I’m nice like that)
“Men allvarligt” (“but seriously”. To myself, when I do something dumb)
“Oj oj oj” (to myself, when I am clumsy)

5 things I often think
“men var tyst” (“shut up” (but slightly nicer) to other people in the train)
“näääeee” (drawn out “no”)
“are they seriously asking me this?” (when talking to some people at work)
“get to the end of your fucking story” (when people have a question, but start with a 5 minute introduction for said question. i. don’t. care. get to the point.)
“sluta!” (basically whenever someone does something I don’t like)

5 things I dream about at night (I remember 3 things:)
Missing flights, nights before having to catch a flight
Storylines from books
That we’re moving
Losing teeth!
That I mess something up/forget something (important!) at work.

5 things I order abroad
Well I mean… abroad? From here? Cause then Sweden counts!
My favorite Swedish snacks. Although not so much order as just buy.
Proper cider (when in GB)
Nice beer (when in BE)
Flammkuchen (in DE)

5 things I wish would happen before the end of the year
I certainly hope we will sell our house well before that
That mom can come visit in the new house
Next book by Nnedi Okorafor?
A new Austen adaptation in the cinema would be nice, but I guess movies have a longer lead time than that.

4 things in my pantry

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4 things in my pantry. Maybe you want to say a word or two about them? Such as what your plans are for them?

I love sourdough bread, but it’s not very common here. The last year I’ve been thinking I should start my own culture for it, but yeah. So when I was home for Christmas I found this, and promptly brought 2 back. Now I just gotta use them before they expire. Mom suggested that I could maybe use one as a start of my own culture?


The range of peanut butter is growing here in NL, this is the latest one I’ve tried and it claims to be 100% peanuts:


In some things I’m really Swedish. Like when I feel I really need some knäckebröd:


Fair chain coffee (from here). Almost time to order more!


4 songs

This post is part of the Endless Blog Challenge.

4 songs in my playlist. Doesn’t have to be the same playlist, 4 songs you’ve put in  a playlist. Doesn’t even have to be recently, any time will do. It’d be super exciting if you had 4 songs you put in a playlist in 1997. Yes, specifically the year 1997.

Not quite 1997, more like last week. Me and Spotify Discover Weekly are on good terms again:

4 things

This post is part of the Endless Blog Challenge.

4 things that happened this week. I.e., not things you did, things that just happened.

  • the washing machine broke. (and was subsequently repaired)
  • my clothes were infused with the smell of deep fryer (while I was having dinner at a Vietnamese restaurant with a friend. Totally worth it.)
  • it snowed! That’s kind of a big deal here in NL.
  • the seller accepted our bid on the house, so I guess we’ve got 2 houses now…

An Austen re-do

So, I read somewhere about this book – Curtis Sittenfeld’s Eligible, which claimed it to be an amusing retake on Pride & Prejudice. Obviously, if you don’t enjoy at least Austen or chick-lit, I advise you to stop reading here, and move on.


The book wasn’t easy to get here, so I went out of my way and ordered it from the UK. Then I tried reading it, and… meh. Put it back in the TBR pile. Until this last week.

I still found it pretty slow in the start – the first couple of chapters didn’t grasp my interest now either. BUT THEN. I loved it. Mrs Bennet is still upset that all her 5 daughters are unmarried, Lydia and Kitty are still annoying (they’re crossfit cultists! hehehehe), and Elizabeth is still likable.

I wasn’t sure how I’d enjoy the story, but Sittenfeld’s done an amazing job transferring it to contemporary times while still keeping the language pretty Austen-esque. Like so:


“”Fred!” the nurse said, though they had never met. “How are we today?”
Reading the nurse’s name tag, Mr. Bennet replied with fake enthusiasm, “Bernard! We’re mourning the death of manners and the rise of overly familiar discourse. How are you?””

And then I saw that this is like a whole project, where more authors are writing new versions of Austen books! Like Val MacDermid doing Northanger Abbey! So now I’ll have to buy them all, obviously (should be 6, so not as bad as I made it sound).

Future log

This is part of the Endless Blog Challenge.

Future log. On a theme or just random things you’re planning to do/looking forward to.

I have spent ridiculous amounts on vacation this year. “But the year has just begun?”, you might wonder. Indeed, but why should this stop me? We’d already planned a 10-day caribbean holiday in March, then my mom really wants to go on Hurtigruten, and considering everything we should do that a.s.a.p. I am poor now. So poor.

(Yes, I’m being dramatic. Despite having reduced my savings account quite significantly, we are by no means “poor”. Sorry. It just hurts my wallet.)

So, my current future log of things to look forward to:

  • Vacation on Curacao
  • Vacation in Norway
  • Moving?

3 random favorites

This post is part of the Endless Blog Challenge.

3 random favorites. Three things you’re really liking, the quirkier the better!

This woman and her youtube lessons:

This book (post to follow):


And I’m just in general very appreciative of living where I do. Need to take the time to do that as well. Don’t underestimate the (stability of) slow-moving representative politics that’s not in the hands of one person….