5 x 5

This is part of the Endless Blog Challenge. Some topics I came up with 5, others – not so much.

5 lists about 5 things. I’ve borrowed this from a Swedish blog and translated it.

5 things I often say
“Did you Google it?” (cause my colleagues think I’m their tech support)
“Did you try turning it off and on again?” (cause my colleagues think I’m their tech support)
“Går det bra?” (“Is it going well?” – sarcastically, when something is obviously NOT going well. I’m nice like that)
“Men allvarligt” (“but seriously”. To myself, when I do something dumb)
“Oj oj oj” (to myself, when I am clumsy)

5 things I often think
“men var tyst” (“shut up” (but slightly nicer) to other people in the train)
“näääeee” (drawn out “no”)
“are they seriously asking me this?” (when talking to some people at work)
“get to the end of your fucking story” (when people have a question, but start with a 5 minute introduction for said question. i. don’t. care. get to the point.)
“sluta!” (basically whenever someone does something I don’t like)

5 things I dream about at night (I remember 3 things:)
Missing flights, nights before having to catch a flight
Storylines from books
That we’re moving
Losing teeth!
That I mess something up/forget something (important!) at work.

5 things I order abroad
Well I mean… abroad? From here? Cause then Sweden counts!
My favorite Swedish snacks. Although not so much order as just buy.
Proper cider (when in GB)
Nice beer (when in BE)
Flammkuchen (in DE)

5 things I wish would happen before the end of the year
I certainly hope we will sell our house well before that
That mom can come visit in the new house
Next book by Nnedi Okorafor?
A new Austen adaptation in the cinema would be nice, but I guess movies have a longer lead time than that.

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