I saw two movies…

Like what seems as most people, I’ve seen Black Panther. We actually visited the cinema twice last week, cause I also wanted to see Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri. I enjoyed both very much, in their own ways.

Black Panther is obviously a superhero movie – part of the Marvel universe – that is building up to the final Avengers movie Ragnarök (sorry, but the dots just have to be there). Taking place in Africa, and with a predominantly black cast, this movie was refreshing. Naturally I also enjoyed a young woman being the by far smartest person in a movie.

While having read that Three Billboards (…) was worth watching, I had very little information on what it was about, which was very nice and left the movie more open. You’ll know Frances McDormand from Fargo (the movie), and in some ways the movie had a bit of similar vibes. After mainly knowing Sam Rockwell from Mr. Right (with lovely Anna Kendrick), this was… quite a different role.


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