The Move

The move is getting very close now – in a month we have the key for the new house (and then we go on a week-long vacation, excellent planning). On Tuesday the moving company dropped this neat little stack off:


And my SO is still convinced that that’s too many boxes. We will see… (When we moved here 9 years ago, we had 40 boxes worth of stuff. This time they gave us 150…)

Meanwhile, we’re both already going “…when we’ve moved…”, imagining all the things we can do when living in a city instead of suburbia. Like… walk to the city and have a drink and/or dinner! This is what we’re moving to though:

Met 5646 inwoners per vierkante kilometer is de stad Leiden sinds 2014, na Den Haag, de dichtstbevolkte gemeente van Nederland.

“With 5646 inhabitants per square kilometer, the city of Leiden is the second most densely populated municipality in the Netherlands after the Hague” (source)

So, for someone complaining about how busy it is in this country, that seems like a good choice. Yep.

2 thoughts on “The Move”

  1. 😀 I’m friggin excited on your behalf!

    Själv tror jag att alltså 20 lådor, ska jag väl klara mig med lätt? Pga tror tydligen jag är minimalist/har lätta saker så att man kan packa lådor proppfulla. Om jag gör mig av med ett gäng böcker bör det väl vara i stort sett sant? (Och är det inte sant så får jag väl slänga saker, failing that; bjud ner Vivi så blir man snabbt av med allt onödigt tjafs. Säger hon som sparat alla överblivna rullar tapet sedan renoveringen…)

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