Recent discoveries

This post is part of the Endless Blog Challenge.

Recent discoveries.

This could be done in a number of different ways; an obvious way would be to do it on a theme, say music. Or it could be something more abstract, such as something you’ve learned. Or, if you’re not a fan of the theme idea, you could just list a few things you’ve discovered lately. If you want to make it easy on yourself you could list for example:

a track:

(yes, sorry, I realize I just posted this as a separate post, but this post has been in drafts for a while…)
an author:

Yaa Gyasi who wrote this wonderful book:

a food:

I had Vietnamese food for the first time, and it was delicious. Can’t wait to have it again.

an insta/twitter account:

I was going to go “naaah”, but you know what? I suggest following never2sure on instagram (and here on WordPress). Friend and soon-to-be ex-colleague Lina is going on an adventure with her BF beginning of May – starting point is Bogotá! (It’ll be in English and random posts in German, so if that doesn’t sell this to at least Lisa, I don’t know what will?)

leave-in conditioner – this shiny fellow, which works like a charm:




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