May Summary

The books:

Trevor Noah’s Born a crime
Lena Andersson’s Egenmäktigt förfarande
Nnedi Okorafor’s Binti #1

I mean, I know. WTF? 3 books? And then I was even on vacation for a week…
I grade them, in order: Good, Meh, Great. Also, for everyone’s info, I’m now 2 books BEHIND my yearly reading goal.

The movies:
The Greatest Showman
Deadpool 2

Yeah, they were all nice, in their own ways. Dancing and singing? Yes please. Sarcastic anti-hero? Bring it on. Chick flick but without the typical ending? Yep!

The shows:

Penny Dreadful
Fallet (I just wanted to hear Swedish, ok?)
Madame Deemas underbara resa
Jessica Jones (season 2)

The move has completely dominated this month, and then adding to that the week-long vacation… not much time left for anything else. At least we’re moved now, and I’m trying to figure out how to get reading to fit in to my new puzzle (no train commute = no logical reading time). This morning I read a chapter before leaving for work, and that was pretty nice.

Revamped Blog Challenge

Lisa has revamped the Endless Blog Challenge. Instead of new weekly topics, it’ll be more of recurring topics on a weekly basis. It makes sense to me, and my intention is to post one every weekend. (How does that saying go? The road to hell is paved with good intentions?) Frankly my life seems pretty uneventful right now, so we’ll see how exciting the posts are, but at least something will be happening here!

We have a food box with 5 meals delivered to our door every week. This has been a real positive change, not only in that we don’t have to plan dinner while hungry (apparently we are not the kind of people who do weekly shopping), but also in that we eat a lot better – less junk food and more veggies. And the meals are nice! This week there was a tomato soup I really enjoyed, and I’m not usually a fan of tomato soups…

Here’s a link to the Dutch recipe. If you’re not up to google-translating the recipe, it’s like this for 2 people (very generous servings):

4 garlic cloves
4 tomatoes
60 gr sundried tomatoes
250 gr cherry tomatoes
2 cubes of vegetable stock
1/2 tsp smoked paprika powder

And then you basically just do it like you would any soup…


To-do list
Unpacking and more unpacking. Oh, and get lamps in all rooms…

I read the first part of Atwood’s MaddAddam trilogy on vacation in March, and managed to hold back on buying the other two parts. Until I saw Lisa & Lise talk about them in comments. They’ll be delivered Saturday.

Going to the old house to pick up any stray snail mail this weekend. Buys a few extra day to change addresses before the new owners get the keys.

Chaos & Sentimentality

Oh man. Today was moving day (a.k.a. my SO’s birthday). We’ve been up since 6.30 and everything hurts. Everything has been moved though, so that’s great. I mean we hired movers obviously, but still! Nothing broke, and only 1 thing didn’t fit through the Dutch narrow af stairways, and has ruined my plans for the hallway you enter the house through, but I’ll live. How long will the chaos last though? I’m already so over this move, and just want everything in its goddamn place.

I’ve also been a bit sentimental about the old house, like “aawh, this is the last time I do this”. The tiny garden with it’s pretty trees by the water will be sorely missed, but one shouldn’t underestimate the joy of not having to maintain (even a small) garden. Plus we have a terrace and a roof terrace. No trees though 😦

Did I mention that everything hurts?


(Just before the movers arrived.)

April wrap-up

The books:

Octavia E. Butler’s Parable of the Sower (Earthseed, #1)
Reni Eddo-Lodge’s Why i’m no longer talking to white people about race
Therése Söderlind’s Vägen mot Bålberget

Omg, such a poor reading month. While I loved Why I’m no longer talking to white people about race, I didn’t love Vägen mot Bålberget (idk what the English title would be, it’s about the witch-burnings that happened in Sweden, but still fictional). I think I’m just in a funk, but no books appeal me right now.

The movies:

Tomb Raider
The Shape of Water
Captain Fantastic
Avengers: Infinity War

I mean, I like both Alicia and my Marvel universe, but the movie I’ll remember from this month is Captain Fantastic.

The shows:

Parks & Recreation
Penny Dreadful