week 31/this one’s actually done in time


As it’s cooled down a bit this week (like, 27-29 C rather than 37 C), we haven’t ordered food! (*pats self on back*) My favorites this week were the Korean beef wraps and the oven baked aubergine with pasta. I would show pictures, but I don’t have any. You can imagine it 😛



I fly to Sweden on Saturday for a week of vacation with the family (and they’ve planned this road trip, meaning we’ll barely be “at home” at all?). Meanwhile the security people at Amsterdam airport are – as far as I understand – taking extra breaks and shit (rather than going on strike), leading to “additional delays” on top of it being the busiest period at the airport since it’s school vacations. Not stressing me out. AT. ALL.

2 thoughts on “week 31/this one’s actually done in time”

    1. Det är ju tur att man oroar sig – var på flygplatsen 8.00, hade checkat in väskan 8.09 och var igenom säkerhetskontrollen 8.12… Boarding 9.50 😛

      Gäddede och det hållet. Lite över till Norge, stekenjokk, och så 🙂

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