Blogtober – #6

6. Do you have a book you can read again and again?

Eeeh, not at the moment? Back when I was studying and couldn’t bother with fiction cause there was so much reading required for the classes, my go-to re-read was the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (paperback edition with 5 books in 1). Even that one I haven’t read in like 12 years now though.

There are some books in my shelf that I’ve read twice or thrice (yeah, I’m totally using that word IRL too), but mainly when there’s a new release belonging to a series – then I re-read the series to be in that universe as I get to the new part.

If we’d talk movies instead, then I do have some feel good repeats, like these:


This post is part of the blogtober challenge that you can read more about here.

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