Week 47 / i’m just too lazy

I cooked a lot! My partner was gone Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday (like, not in a “row”, but missed dinner all days).

It’s this time now:


Youtube suggested an Arjan Lubach clip to me (about the racist tradition that is zwarte Piet, Santa’s black-faced helpers), and I quite enjoy it. It’s like John Oliver/Seth Meyers, but in Dutch (and somewhat less PC, cause you know, he’s still Dutch):

Good practice for your Dutch! (There are also English captions, if anyone’s actually making an attempt to watch it.)


week 45 / during which I was gone


While we cooked dinner most days, lunch was apparently a free for all, and I had mainly vegetarian/vegan food (so many choices!) but this is what I made a picture of, and it was delicious:



So much music! I guess that kind of happens when you go to a music festival?


Circe by Madeline Miller. I bought it based on a recommendation by Felicia Day, not even checking what it would be about, and before reading feared it’d be quite dry (as it tends to be when talking about ancient gods). It was not! Very enjoyable read.


Inevitably, the festival has their own app to make it somewhat manageable to keep track of who you want to watch, and where and when. They’d redone it from previous years, and it was sadly less good 😩 Still got us where we wanted most of the time, but we did miss some artists, and waited for others that never showed up… Room for improvement Iceland Airwaves!


I mean, can we count the thermal pools as a beauty measure? At least for the soul? I so badly want to live where you have these… Oh, and I bought a lipstick called Frog Prince. It’s green.


Chocolate! Books! Icelandic Christmas cake! Oh, and dried fish for my SO. Which he’d specifically requested. I live with a weirdo.

October wrap-up

The books:

Mary Beard’s Women & Power: A Manifesto
Neal Shusterman’s Scythe (Arc of a Scythe #1)
Kerstin Thorvalls Det mest förbjudna
Annika Estassys Gröna fingrar sökes
Frances Hardinge’s The Lie Tree
Emma Hambergs Late Bloomer
Katarina Wennstams En riktig vÄldtÀktsman: En bok om samhÀllets syn pÄ vÄldtÀkt
Jenny Colgan’s Little Beach Street Bakery
Jenny Colgan’s Summer at the little beach street bakery
Hanna Rosin’s The end of men: and the rise of women
Ylva Elvin-Nowaks Att göra kön – om vĂ„rt vĂ„ldsamma behov av att vara kvinnor och mĂ€n

So. Apparently I can still read serious books, but only if I take turns with easy-read fiction. So that’s OK with me. From this month’s reads, I’d recommend Scythe and The end of men: and the rise of women. Katarina Wennstam is, as always, interesting to read and meticulously researched, but alas only available in Swedish.

The shows:

Parks & Recreations
Agents of SHIELD
Great News
The Good Cop

The movies:

Ocean’s Eight
Borg vs McEnroe