week 45 / during which I was gone


While we cooked dinner most days, lunch was apparently a free for all, and I had mainly vegetarian/vegan food (so many choices!) but this is what I made a picture of, and it was delicious:



So much music! I guess that kind of happens when you go to a music festival?


Circe by Madeline Miller. I bought it based on a recommendation by Felicia Day, not even checking what it would be about, and before reading feared it’d be quite dry (as it tends to be when talking about ancient gods). It was not! Very enjoyable read.


Inevitably, the festival has their own app to make it somewhat manageable to keep track of who you want to watch, and where and when. They’d redone it from previous years, and it was sadly less good 😩 Still got us where we wanted most of the time, but we did miss some artists, and waited for others that never showed up… Room for improvement Iceland Airwaves!


I mean, can we count the thermal pools as a beauty measure? At least for the soul? I so badly want to live where you have these… Oh, and I bought a lipstick called Frog Prince. It’s green.


Chocolate! Books! Icelandic Christmas cake! Oh, and dried fish for my SO. Which he’d specifically requested. I live with a weirdo.

2 thoughts on “week 45 / during which I was gone”

  1. SÄ tvÄ tummar upp för Circe? Har pÄ min att-lÀsa, Àr mycket sugen! Men ocksÄ lat. Vill helst fÄ tag pÄ via Storytel eller biblo, men kanske vÀrt att engagera sig mer Àn sÄ?

    LĂ„ter annars som underbart med resa!

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    1. AlltsÄ jag gillade den starkt. Den Àr ju fortfarande lite torr om en jÀmför med typ, Hello Kitty Must Die, men rent generellt var den överraskande. Plus att hon förvandlar mÀn till svin ett tag dÀr, vilket var underhÄllande!

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