week 3 / meh

As mentioned last week, I started listening to some new podcasts. I actually quite enjoy The Armchair Expert by Dax Shepard. So, the reason I even gave it a try (given that I mainly know him from Punk’d), is of course that he had his wonderful wife Kristen Bell as his first guess. And that every episode ends with a fact check section, where his friend/editor lets everyone know if he (or his guests) said something incorrect during the pod. Slightly annoyed that he at times get so eager that he interrupts his guests, but hoping this’ll get better eventually?

Went to two concerts this week. This is unheard of!
Monday we saw Snow Patrol in Ziggo Dome (Amsterdam), and it was SO NICE. I know their music a bit, but mainly the two albums from 2003/2006, and thought “sure” when Dutchie suggested going. I’ve rarely seen a band that look so happy to be where they are, and only Kaizer’s Orchestra charmed the audience more. Plus the Irish accent, I mean to my ears there isn’t any nicer accent when speaking English.

So, with that as a start of the week, it was a tough task for Icelanders Árstíðir to live up to this in Leiden on Sunday evening. I’m probably also much harder on them considering that I’ve seen them so many times (don’t know exact number, but two digit for sure, as they’re always playing Iceland Airwaves). And, yeah. The tour they’re on is for the new album, which I don’t like as much as the previous one, so I honestly found it a bit dull. The older stuff is great, and they played some songs from it.

All Snow Patrol.

Still watching Gilmore Girls (still season 2). And yep, Dean is turning into a jealous jerk as we speak. And Jess is getting more likable.

It seems I have kicked the worst of the FB/Insta “addiction” (light) thing. Re-installed the FB one 2 weeks ago after having befriended my brother’s “new” GF there. I check it maybe 3 times a week? That’s fine, so as long as it doesn’t get worse than that, it can stay. Insta stays away, cause that’s much nicer to check 😛


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