It’s OK, you can give up on that new year’s resolution now

Can we please talk about how the gym has been insanely busy after New Year’s? The gym fanatics at work told me it’d get better by February, as people start giving up, but so far I see no improvement. The coach at the gym said it usually gets better in March… we will see.

I’m happy to report that despite this, I’m still going twice a week like clockwork. *pats self on back* My plan has changed a bit since just before Christmas, where I’m doing some free weights (chest press, military press, and a super set for biceps/triceps – all with dumbbells (my choice)), and I’m doing a lat machine that is somewhere in-between (I mean, it’s still a machine, but one without a back-rest, so you have to provide core stability on your own). The goal is to move away from machines a bit at the time, which sounds good to me.

Inspired by Lisa‘s dual cellphone use, I’ve resurrected my old-old phone (hello HTC!), which I’m only using to run Daily Strength at the gym. Sure it’s a second device to charge, but I quite like that I feel very relaxed about handling it while working out (throw it on the floor, things like this), rather than constantly keeping an eye on the normal – rather expensive – phone.

So anyway. If you did a new year’s resolution to work out – feel free to stop now. I encourage it. That would mean I can stop going before work. Please let me snooze again 😩

One thought on “It’s OK, you can give up on that new year’s resolution now”

  1. AlltsĂ„ det Ă€r obegripligen pĂ„ samma sĂ€tt hĂ€r; ocksĂ„ pĂ„ de udda tider jag gĂ„r för att det -brukar- vara fĂ€rre. MĂ„ste ju gĂ„ till sig snart…

    Annars kan jag berĂ€tta att jag numer Ă€r en singeltelefonanvĂ€ndare. Not by choice, utan startknappen pĂ„ min gamla började glappa och den stĂ€ngde av och pĂ„ sig lite som den ville. Mycket underhĂ„llande 😛

    Kul att du börjat med fria vikter! Kan ocksÄ tipsa om single arm row (med knÀ och arm pÄ bÀnk), kanske min favvo med hantel. OcksÄ bra för latsen!

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