Week 10 / when it rained the whole time

Reading list

‘It’s a man’s problem’: Patrick Stewart and the men fighting to end domestic violence

I don’t want to achieve anything on the weekend – I just want to watch TV


OK, so now Jess was a jerk again in Gilmore Girls, but Luke kind of made him stop acting like a baby? I hope it’ll last… I’m not a fan of the “oh boo-hoo I’m so misunderstood” attitude. In anyone.

Also, this:


Went to see Captain Marvel yesterday (with modest expectations since the imdb rating was 6.8) and it was really, really good! Apparently the man-babies online are upset again, because the “original comic had a male protagonist!!!” In hindsight I know the proper reviewers rated it favorably. As an additional plus point, it passed the Bechdel test. One of very few superhero movies to do so.

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