Week 11 / when it was super windy


Adventurous L was back in Europe to visit family/friends for a month, and we met up in Rotterdam to catch up. As long as I’ve known her she’s been talking about pho, so we went to her favorite place there and I’m sold. More Vietnamese food! Today she starts her journey back to Papua New Guinea, which will take 5 days…




I’ve stopped coloring my hair! While the main reason was that I didn’t feel like spending 2-3 hours at the hairdresser every 4-5 weeks, I’ve now turned it into a “let’s see how grey my hair actually is” and “no man I know goes through that, so why would I voluntarily do so?”.


5 thoughts on “Week 11 / when it was super windy

  1. Välkommen till klubben! 😝 Jag älskar färgat hår, men ffs, för dyrt och för mycket krångel. Det enda som är störigt med grått är att det liksom inte blir grått alltihopa på en gång, skulle kännas 100% bättre.

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