week 20 / when I didn’t go to the gym a single time


I have a problem with giving up on books. It feels like when I start reading it, I make a commitment to finish! So I pat myself on the back as I did this:


That book… It’s gotten raving reviews in Sweden and I hated it from the first chapter. Also, at like 25% through, part of the story is revealed, and then you know there’ll be frigging disgusting things happening in order to get to that point. I will have no part of reading that. At least I can say that I appreciated the murder victim not being a woman, for once. Gave it to little brother (“Here, I didn’t like it, you can have it”. He: “…thanks?”)

Reading list

We froze the salaries of 20 executives – and it improved the lives of 500 employees


Was complaining about my VPN provider (HMA! (I’m not so excited about them I add the exclamation point, that’s their name)) to little brother, and he recommended Windscribe instead. Tried it and have now immediately paid for a full year. Works like a charm, plus has both the normal VPN plus an add-on for the browsers to give extra protection. Five stars!

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