week 22 / summer is here


Begun re-reading this little brick of a book, so I can finally read that third part (you know, after I also re-read part 2) I bought 1.5 years ago. 200 pages in, it’s just as good as I remembered:


Reading list

Moby’s treatment of Natalie Portman is a masterclass in nice-guy misogyny

Want to read more? Choose an extremely long book


Went to the gym twice this week, so very satisfied about that since my goal is 2-3 times a week. Less happy about the accessibility of racks for lifting (there’s 1). Have been looking at other gyms… there’s one that looks very promising and that focuses on lifting, but it’s twice as far away from the house (i.e. 10 min by bike) and also it’s scary to try and approach a place like that. Plus I have over a year left on the contract at the current gym, but am figuring it’s probably possible to pay my way out of that. To be continued?

Oh, also biked 15 km yesterday as we were invited to a friend’s for bbq. A nice time was had by all.


5 thoughts on “week 22 / summer is here”

  1. 10 minutes?! That’s basically nothing. But yea, new gyms are scary.

    Om man lyssnar på Fitnessfeministen borde man gå till gym av typ SAK. Det är ca det mest scary jag kan tänka mig i gymväg men hon har helt säkert rätt. Liksom. Kan man lura med någon?


    1. Haha, ja, jag funderar på det. De verkar också ha gratis introduktionslektion utan att en binder upp sig på nått sätt, så egentligen måste jag väl prova.

      Ser att SAK har engångsbesök för 60 spänn, i “värsta” fall får jag ta med gymkläderna i augusti och så får vi våga oss dit tillsammans? 🙂

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