week 25 / midsummer week

It’s midsummer week, and since I don’t live in Sweden, I did absolutely nothing to celebrate this.


While I’m not super interested in philosophy, I’ve been listening to this podcast by Swedish Radio:

Screenshot_20190619-093329_Pocket Casts.jpg

After living in the Netherlands so long, I really appreciate the tone in which they discuss. Everyone gets their turn, get to finish their sentences. Everyone remains calm.


Shockingly, I got my bike this week. (Did they, after messing up, not at all apologize, and schedule a new delivery for a day I had said I would not be home to receive it? Why yes, yes they did. Thanks fietsenwinkel.nl ) I’m now properly ingeburgerd* with my two bikes:


*I am not naturalized for real, nor do I have any intention of acquiring a second nationality. Despite how many times my mother in law asks.


On Sunday we went to a guided tour of the Peace Palace in the Hague. I would include pictures, but you were not allowed to bring your phone in, so you’ll just have to take my word for it. It was pretty cool!


(Look, if you’re uninterested in my process of maybe switching gyms, stop reading here. You’re welcome.)

This week I started my “test week” at a different gym. Going in, I had high hopes, but also concerns (hello social anxiety! meeting new people is one of my least favorite things to do.) The introduction talk was actually great though, done by a friendly American (can I just say how much I like Americans and their skills at socializing? They make me completely at ease cause they are fully capable of handling the conversation.) and they even checked mobility and stuff?! Saturday was an introduction to exercises. This was done in a group of max 3 people and a trainer. My group was me and a friendly Romanian, and our trainer was one of the owners. And you know what, it was great! Good pointers, instructions and overall introduction. While they thought the gym was “very busy” at the time, there was still space left to do any exercise you could possibly have on your plan.

Bonus: the first introduction class covered squats, bench press, bent over rowing, pull throughs, “dead bug” (idk if this is a proper name and am too tired to google it) and finishing off with their version of cardio: battle ropes. Next class will cover lots of other things, including deadlifts.


3 thoughts on “week 25 / midsummer week”

      1. That’s basically nothing! I mean really, what is that, a max of 3 songs? (Although maybe it’s not the best idea to listen to music while cycling, but it’s a good way to measure time, surely?) Also. Me. Got a walk of twice that, both ways. And I still think it’s close 🙂

        You should! I had to revise my technique thoroughly after having listened to the episode. Thought for sure I could watch and get how it’s done, but apparently no 😛


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