week 26 / gym + work celebration



This week was a big celebration at work, due to the American main company having been created 20 years ago. Friday they closed our office, and we had a whole day/evening/night of happening/party. Did I (together with 4 others) bail at 10:30 pm and head back to the hotel while others stayed out until 3 am? You bet your ass I did. At that point we’d already spent 12 hours in each others’ company, and they started playing loud music, which is a safe bet if you want to get rid of me.


Tuesday I had the second introduction class, that covered deadlifts, military press, hip thrusts, lateral pulldown, pallof press, planking & pushing a fucking sled/prowler. Is it odd to say I quite enjoyed it? (Planking the least, but still didn’t hate it.) I’ve also gone ahead and cancelled the current gym subscription. Yay!

2 thoughts on “week 26 / gym + work celebration”

  1. Men vad är det för fantastiskt gym du hittat?? 100% avis här! Vad händer härnäst? Får ni ett program eller är det ngn slags pass-struktur??

    Också. 10.30? You lasted wa-ay longer than I would have. For one, 10.30 är past my bedtime 😝

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    1. Jamen visst verkar det vara för bra för att vara sant? De har ett standardprogram för nya som går med (pass a & b, vilket är de jag provat i testveckan). Annars kan en säga till om en vill ha mer personligt program, så anpassar de gärna. Och alla jag har pratat med bara “we just want to get people moving, on their own level and terms”.

      Haha, skönt att höra 😛 Var extra nöjd när jag träffade folk vid frukosten som hade varit ut och var bakfulla.

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