week 27 / rant + workout


I’ve been in a bit of a funk the last week. I’d guess working out would help me, but when I’m like this, I really don’t want to go to the gym. Not energy level wise, but anxiety level wise. “I’ll do things wrong and will be corrected” (btw, wtf? that’s good right? they’re nice people, giving advise in a very friendly manner). “I’m fat and unfit and people will look at me” (uhmmm, no, no they won’t. and being fat is not a fucking crime.)

And then I realized what the problem this week was. As exemplified in these two images:



(Although, to be fair, the second one is also me lots of other times.)


I went to the new gym! I’ve officially restarted Stronglifts (through Daily Strength) since it matches my gym’s beginner’s plan. And I snapped a picture (with a lot of floor?) while waiting for the next bench press set:


Can I also talk about how much I enjoy that they prioritize safety and really tell people that they SHOULD use those straps/bars when they lift?

2 thoughts on “week 27 / rant + workout”

  1. Erm. My app still fails to tell me what/when PMS is. It’s a goddamn guessing game. Sometimes sis points out that when I’m not sleeping and feeling weak as fuck to top it off, that’s PMS. I blame my cycles being so damn long, I forget what it’s like. I actually considered going back on Cerazette this time round, it was that bad. However. I think the solution is to embrace it. Learn to love your anxious and completely unreasonably pissed off self. Easier said than done…but still.

    And OMG. Your gym is also a goddamn beaut! If my gym was that pretty, I don’t know how I could possibly keep away.

    Question tho: what does your warm up look like? I feel as if I’m still to find a really good warm up.

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    1. I filled it in a few times when I realized it was PMS, and now ominous clouds appear in the calendar in Clue to show when it “should” be expected. (Had to turn the notifications on again though, as they had apparently all been auto-disabled?)

      Basically warm-up is the mobility exercises they suggested to me – 2 for the shoulders, 2 for the glutes + frog squat and a leg stretch against the wall.

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