week 37 /


Listened to Mats Strandberg’s “Sommar” talk and was reminded of this excellent EP:


OK, so Stronglifts. I still like it (clean, nice looking design). But why does he want you to do squats EVERY SINGLE WORKOUT? My legs still hurt from the last one, then I have to do it again, just heavier? 😦 (and then bike home? ffs.)


I have officially bought workout leggings. Now I just have to gather up the courage to wear them to the gym. (Thanks Fabletics for having plus sizes that not only look good on pictures, but also while wearing!)


6 thoughts on “week 37 /”

  1. Haha 😀 that might be exatly why I’m not doing Strong lifts. Who want to do squats evey workout?? I don’t even want to do them every week. Gateway to gains tho..the 4 split has you doing deadlifts twice a week. And sometimes no squats (hack squat machine doesn’t count). Just saying 😉

    And yay for workout leggings 🙂

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    1. Yeah, I kind of want to try something else soon, but Gateway to gains has so many different exercises? (Plus machines that don’t exist in my gym…) I kind of like the whole “these are your three exercises” for now 😛

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      1. Well yes, so you won’t get bored 🙂 And you can always replace exercises, I do it all the time. Just do something else that hits the same general area. It’s fine 😛
        I get it tho, there’s definitely something to be said for doing few exercises. Leg day for me is a mere 3-4 different ones right now, which is pretty great. Long as I don’t have to do 14 sets of squats..(hej Beefcake :P)

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