week 8 / briefly



Went to Germany Saturday to visit friends outside of Köln, staying the night then driving back. 2,5 hours… that’s how large the Netherlands is. (Tiny!)


I have not! Am I suffering from SAD? I don’t know, I’m just. so. tired. Gonna try next week, maybe it’ll help against the fatigue?

week 7 / poor planning


New songs from 2 of my favorite Icelanders! Axel’s is a single, but Ásgeir’s is a new album.


I got company! Louise is currently visiting, so I’m showing her Leiden.


Kid’s toys! Somehow I’ve managed to plan that next weekend we’ll go to Germany to visit friends there, and their youngest turns 1 on Thursday before we get there. The weekend after we’re visiting friends in Utrecht who have a 4 month old kid. Busy busy, and all the kids. I’ll be exhausted.

week 6 / still sick + a new challenge


Reading list

Dutch rightwing leader under fire over false account of harassment


Dutchie has been talking about where to go on vacation this year. I’ve been postponing because apparently I do not want to make any sort of decision about anything right now. One of the destinations he’s promoting though, is Japan. As part of the discussion, we assume (might be wrong!) that not everyone there speaks English. And thus “it would be handy to know some Japanese” turned into this:


Errr, wish me luck? I only know Germanic languages, so this will be challenging.


Again.. got nothing. The cold has been dragging on. Fingers crossed that it’ll be gone during the weekend.

January wrap-up


Jørn Lier Horst’s Blindgång (William Wisting #10)
Jørn Lier Horst’s Katharinakoden (Cold Case #1)
Bill Bryson’s The Body: A Guide for Occupants
Jørn Lier Horst’s Det innersta rummet (Cold Case #2)

Well, I read. 1 physical book (Bryson) and 3 on BookBeat. Nothing from my TBR pile.


The Man in the High Castle
Russian Doll
The end of the F***ing World
Brooklyn Nine-Nine
The Umbrella Academy
The Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj

The first 2 episodes of The end of the F***ing World did not have me convinced. As they weren’t very long however, I still kept watching, and by the end of the season I quite enjoyed it. Russian Doll did also not have me convinced until the end of episode 3. If you’re asking why I keep watching shows I’m not that into, I don’t have a good answer for you, but I can report that I’m also not that into Brooklyn Nine-Nine.


The Light Between Oceans
Marriage Story
The Hustle
Jojo Rabbit
Hunt for the Wilderpeople
Hearts Beat Loud
Dog Days

Did I develop a celebrity crush on Taika Waititi and proceed with watching all his movies? Yes, yes I did. My favorite was Boy, but also Hunt for the Wilderpeople has stayed with me. Yesterday was also pretty cute and worth watching.


I mean… not much!

week 4 & 5/ a week I don’t remember + Lisbon


Do I remember week 4? Not really, no. Week 5 however, was partially spent in Lisbon, so we tried ALL THE FOOD (and many of the wines).



I’ve now been sick 3 times in 2020. This seems unreasonable to me, and is obviously impacting my workout (which is, so far, basically non-existing). Boo 😦

Can we also talk about the fact that work flew me in to Lisbon for one (1!) workshop? I find it completely ludicrous, but everyone tells me I should just enjoy it. So I did. Dutchie flew in with me, and we spent 3 days there before said workshop. Still one of my favorite cities!


I can’t even remember last week (4 that is, this was written in the past)? What did I do? Did I work out? At least week 5 was active, albeit not in the gym. 4 days of being a tourist in Lisbon means involuntary cardio (fucking hills). Totally worth it.