week 18-19-20 / where nothing happens

Look, I’m no really complaining. I’m an introvert from Norrland, I’ve been trained for this exact situation my whole life. But what are you supposed to write about on the blog when nothing happens?

We have started playing Gloomhaven again (with colleague/neighbor). And this weekend my in-laws visited as my partner turned 35. So that’s the most social interactions I’ve had in the last couple of months.





Tempted and hesitating at spending 500 Euro buying Dyson’s Airwrap. As a compromise I purchased the 50 Euro Philips , with the agreement with myself that if it works & I use it regularly, I can get the Airwrap for my birthday.



Last week marked a new thing, as Dutchie joined me in doing workouts from the Home Strength program. After first one: “my ass hurts” & “you’re strong!”.

April Summary


Neal Shusterman’s The Toll
Tara Westover’s Educated
Sally Magnusson’s The Sealwoman’s Gift
Sally Rooney’s Normal People

That’s OK(ish) I think. The Toll was a good finish of a very read-worthy trilogy. Educated was promoted by Louise (“It just gets worse. Then you think ‘but surely, now it’s enough?’ – then it continues getting worse.”) and was a nice read but horrendous story that makes me think there should be some sort of control concerning who gets to reproduce. The Sealwoman’s Gift took its time in catching my attention, but by the end, I quite enjoyed it. Normal People was meh.


Agents of SHIELD
Bäst i Test
Mästarnas Mästare
Stranger Things
Downton Abbey
Tiger King
Falkenberg Forever

OK. I finished Downton Abbey (+ movie) and I enjoyed it. I started re-watching Fleabag, gave up halfway through Tiger King, and was surprised and impressed by Falkenberg Forever. I can’t even remember the last time I saw a Swedish comedy show that wasn’t completely cringey?


Downton Abbey

Yep, that was it.


Started with Lucy Sewell’s Home Strength program, and apart from the single leg box squats (wtf) I like it.